Dr. Zysik's children: Annika, Jamison, Soren Robert and Elin...As their first teeth appeared.

general dentistry

This child chipped a front tooth on the playground: the chipped surface was cutting into the tongue. Dr. Zysik repaired the tooth aesthetically and cosmetically.

*4 upper porcelain veneers: female patient with extensive wear to upper teeth due to grinding. 

Jonathan R. Zysik, D.D.S.

*two front porcelain veneers: male patient who had discoloration to front two teeth due to staining.

55 E. Orvis Street, Massena, NY 13662                                                  (315) 705-6554     

Dr. Jonathan Zysik

Dr. David A. Zysik, orthodontist, is located on the lower level of 55 E. Orvis St.  His practice is limited to orthodontics. He has been a practicing orthodontist in Massena since 1986. For an appointment, please call: (315)769-2800.

Dental Implants:
Replacing a missing tooth can help prevent gum disease and tooth shifting, as well as restore comfort and confidence in your smile. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root used to support tooth replacement structures. Dental implants can help patients regain the ability to eat, speak and smile with confidence. Implants can give you permanent results and full functionality, with the look and feel of a real tooth.

Crowns & Bridges:
Crowns are used to improve the shape, size or color of teeth. They provide support to broken or weaken teeth caused by large fillings, decay or trauma. Crowns provide a smooth, durable, and properly contoured surface.

Bridges are natural-looking tooth replacements.  They are used to fill in the gaps caused by missing teeth. They are cemented to adjacent teeth and do not come out.  

Porcelain Veneers:
Porcelain veneers are minimally invasive and can drastically enhance the appearance of your front teeth. Veneers can be used to whiten, fill in small spaces, repair chips and straighten crooked teeth.  

Root Canals:
A root canal removes the damaged inner pulp of a tooth caused by decay and infection.  This procedure saves your natural tooth.  Damage to the pulp can lead to severe toothache, increased sensitivity to hot or cold, tooth discoloration and gum soreness. Tooth infection can lead to bone loss and swelling that spreads to other areas. Treatment should not be delayed.

Pediatric Dentistry:
Did you know: The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry say that the first dental visit should occur within six months of when the baby’s first tooth appears, but no later than the child’s first birthday?

An important part of our dental practice is working with children! We evaluate tooth and gum health and work to educate children in the prevention of dental problems. We encourage children to love their smile by practicing good dental habits that will last a lifetime!

Children can expect a fun visit with us, where we will: count their teeth, evaluate their bite, and evaluate tooth and gum health. We will discuss diet, fluoride use, and home dental care.

We also provide 24 hour emergency contact information.

Smile Makeover:
For diseased, discolored, or broken teeth – General dentistry can restore your smile through various tools and procedures. Dr. Zysik is happy to discuss all options available to customize the restoration of your smile.

Metal-free Fillings:
Today’s dental technology offers fillings that match the

natural color of the tooth. The dentist places the bonded

resin fillings to make a tooth look like new, whether they

are used for small areas of decay or to replace existing fillings.

Partial and Full Dentures:
Loss of teeth due to decay, gum disease or trauma can cause problems such as difficulty eating and speaking, and drooping of facial muscles. Full and partial dentures replace the missing teeth, providing support and restoring the smile. Full dentures are used when all of the natural teeth have been lost, while partial dentures fill in the gaps between natural teeth. The gums, dentures and any remaining teeth will need to be cleaned regularly to prevent staining, sores and further decay.

Teeth Whitening:
Teeth that have been stained by food, tobacco, or aging can be whitened. Patients will have their teeth examined to ensure there is no decay, damage, or gum disease. A professional dental cleaning must be completed to remove any surface staining or plaque buildup. A custom-fit mouth tray will be made for your teeth. The whitening gel is held in the mouth tray and applied in 30 minute increments at home.  

Dr. Zysik and his team of registered dental hygienists encourage the use of dental sealants as a cavity prevention tool. They apply the sealants to the surfaces of back teeth in a non-invasive and pain-free visit to prevent surface cavities.

The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is the small joint near your ear, where your skull and your lower jaw connect. The TMJ is very frequently used – it is used when you speak, chew, and yawn. Overuse, grinding and clenching of teeth can cause pain in the TMJ and associated muscles. Restricted jaw opening and clicking and popping are common side effects of TMJ Disorder.

Digital X-Rays:
Our office uses digital x-ray technolog
y, for a higher level of patient care. Digital radiography typically reduces radiation exposure by 75% or more.